Enquiring Minds

T-Rex had the largest poo of all the dinosaurs.


We do not know exactly how long the life span of a dinosaur was.


why did dinosaurs come to be extinct a giant asteroid crashed on earth.


The slowest dinosaur is the Apatosaurus .

For 160 million years, dinosaurs ruled the Earth. The longest and the heaviest animal ever to walk the Earth was the giant dinosaur called Sauropods.


Sauropods had the longest necks.


The strongest dinosaur was the giganotosaurus.


The longest dinosaur was the Seismosaurus, which measured over 40m.


If oil comes from decomposed dinosaurs and plastic is made from oil. Then plastic dinosaurs must be made from real dinosaurs.


The oldest dinosaur found lived to 152 years.


T-Rex had 50 to 60 conical teeth.


The most popular dinosaur is T-Rex.


The weakest dinosaur was the Baryongx.


The Dinosaurs were named in 1842 by Richard Owen.


The Compsognathus is the smallest dinosaur.


Countless billions of dinosaur fossils have been found.


Dinosaurs evolved from other reptiles.

Class: Year Five