Fire Instructions for Parents and Carers

Fire Instructions for parents and carers at pick up and drop off times


In the event of the fire alarm sounding at home-time staff will evacuate the pupils from the building and they will gather on the playgrounds at their given assembly point. We ask that parents allow staff to do this as we can then ensure that every child and staff member is accounted for.  Staff will not release children to parents whilst the alarm is sounding. If there were a real fire an incomplete register call would result in ourselves and the Fire Service not knowing if there were still people inside the building. Please do not be offended if staff refuse to hand over children in this event.

We will never plan for a fire escape drill at this time as the disruption it would cause could be significant. As a result if you hear the alarm at home time please assume it is a real fire.


During the drop-off time each morning (8.45am – 8.55am) staff will evacuate children already in school to their assembly point. Should you hear the alarm as you approach you would need to make your way to the school playgrounds so that your child can be directed to their assembly point. Under no circumstances should you enter the school building if the alarm is sounding. Once again we will not plan for a fire escape drill at this time so if you hear the alarm assume it is a real fire.