Performing Arts

Performing Arts at St Wilfrid’s


Upper key stage two children in Year 6, Year 5 and Year 4 will be having some of their RE and TOPIC lessons delivered through drama,  physical theatre, poetry and song .

The skills the children develop will include confident and articulate speech and the ability to express ideas and roles through movement and theatrical devices. Techniques such as frozen pictures, thought tracking, hot seating and improvisation will be taught.

 Performing is known to increase self-confidence and self esteem.  Knowing your work has been applauded can be a great boost to a child’s self-image.  Classes will include learning lines (information) by heart, empathising with a range of characters and devising dramatisations of events.

Performing Arts is a very disciplined and creative activity.  Subjects studied will need to be researched and written about and students will be encouraged to do some of this work at home.

During the Autumn Term:

Yr. 4 will be looking at the topic THE ROMANS.  The Celtic tradition present before invasion will be studied and created.   The contrasting peoples and their battles will be explored and performed.

Yr. 5 are studying CREATION in RE and THE ANCIENT GREEKS in topic.   The students will be looking at the stories in Genesis and the Greek tale of Prometheus.

Yr. 6 are studying THE BIBLE and CRIME AND PUNISHMENT.  They will be able to perform a rap on the books of the bible and will explore stories and characters from different parts of the bible.   Philosophical study of the seven deadly sins, the commandments and guilt will link areas of study.

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