See below for the school admission appeal timetable for 2017.

Date of Allocation of places

16th April 2017

Deadline for lodging appeals and providing evidence to support the appeal (if appropriate)

22nd May 2017

Appeals will be heard by

11th July 2017

Notice of appeal hearing

At least 10 school days’ notice of the appeal hearing

Deadline for governing body to submit evidence for the appeal

27th June 2017

Deadline for sending appeal papers to all parties

No later than 10 school days before the appeal hearing

Deadline for appellant to submit additional evidence

4th July 2017 Information or evidence not submitted by the deadline might not be considered at the appeal

Late applications for appeals will be heard by


At the same time as previously scheduled appeals

or within 30 school days of appeal being lodged

Decision letters sent to appellant

Normally within five school days