Year 3 Blog

Year 3 Blog

This week we had a exalant week Mr tooth tought us alot of English we all really enjoyed doing it we were doing scripts about the Christmas story. And all about what real Christmas is about and it's about when Jesus was born and how it all happened.
The most coolest thing I liked today was DT we were doing are own advent calanders we have done a lot of effort in our calanders Mr tooth said next week we will do thru 4 days we are going to do plays recording them and preforming them in front of the school many thanks to the teachers of year 3

And we have been learning about how the body works.

In year three,we have been learning about multiplication and have been doing multiplication sums,to improve our understanding.It was hard at first,however,with practice, we understood at the end.

18.9.15 A New Year!!

Welcome to KS2,we hope you had an amazing holiday! We hope you had a great time doing the enterprise.We hope you enjoy your new classes and your new teachers.We hope you do amazingly well in our wonderful school.We hope you did lots of brilliant work this year. We Hope you had a wonderful week.

Ivy and Jessica.


We hope you enjoyed this wonderful week of school with lovely this lovely weather.Pizza Hut was fabulous and the pizza was delicious,we learnt how to make a pizza also we made our own whilst we were there.I hope you had a nice time at Pizza Hut.I hope you don't have a blue card any

other card.In maths we are doing angles and it is very enjoyable.In English we are writing our own fable,in history we are learning about the Stone Age.Also in R.E we are learning about God who made our world.Thank you for the shoe box you have brought here. I wonder who is the star of the week.

Ivy and Jessica


It is the last day of the school week YAY I wonder who has won star of the week is? However has won it,it must be a very good reason why they won it.This week we have been doing Science,Maths,English,R.E and History all those subjects are so exciting when Miss Heming does them.
I hope you like your class.We especially hope you love your teachers as they are going to help you to be wonderful young women/men.

Class: Year Three