Year 3/4 Blog

18/9/2015 In year3/4 we have had the best time EVER. In Maths our whole class has been doing rounding to the nearest ten and hundred.In curriculum we have been doing about human digestion and how the body works. In curriculum we have been doing the Romans and how they took over Britain! In computing we are doing scratch which is really good fun but also hard.In guided reading the books we have been reading are Meerkat Madness,Invisble Dog,The Reluctant Dragon,The three little wolves and the big bad pig,the owl who was afraid of the darkness and Fantastic Mr Fox. In are RE or Religious Education we have been doing Anti Bullying and to tell people not to bully others.In English the year3s have been doing Monster poems while year4s have been doing similes in poems. In big write we have based our setting on somewere we have been or something were looking forward to. Sophie has just been to Mrs Paterson's room to learn about charities. Somebody else went to Mr Hodgeson to make crumble and a poster for a fruit smoothie. Mr Web is one of the best teachers in the intire world. Like all the other best teachers as well. We always follow the school rules because we made contracts. The class rules are Do your homework,if you are stuck ask someone, keep trying even it is difficult,tr,y your best,give yourself time to think,have a positive attitude,use computer and books to find information,join in class discussions,share your knowledge and ask questions. Listen carefully and always have another go. Our teachers said always have a good go. Yesterday we did a sheeps teeth a lions and your own. We have only just started learning about teeth. The year4s think it is all really hard but interesting. You must remember to try our hardest in all of our subjects we are not aloud to cry because it doesn't solve anything. We have a really great time in year3/4. We all did big write and this time we were writing a letter to any child we have never most of us did a full page of our big write. Most of us wanted to stop because our hands were hurting. Today in ICT we were using appshed to download things to do about our history. The year4s are doing Romans as the year3s were doing the Stone Age to the Iron Age.