Year 4 Blog

Year 4 Blog

Year4 and3/4 are going to Chester to learn about the Romans.


On Tuesday,year3 went to Pizza Hut, on Wednesday year 3/4 went to Pizza Hut on Thursday year 4 went to Pizza Hut aswell.first we washed our hands splish splash splosh we met Emily, Emmer and Eave.


In the school on Friday the whole school went into the hall and we all did an enterprise where we all went into different classes to do a task to help us in high school,university and college.There were things like rocket science,gardening,come dine with me and lots more! It's so exiting to see what we all do next week! Everyone is happy and the school just been improved about 10000000 percent! Thats one billion percent better. Next Friday the whole school will continue having fun doing whatever tasks they do! Some people even think that 2015 will be the best year of school ever!

Lydia and Wei-Wei


It's enterprise day, and everyone is happy!

Mr.Tooth= Technology
Miss.Cottrill=Eat right,feel good
Mr.Hodginson=Come dine with me
Mrs.Wilkin=Question time
Ms.Patterson= Fashionistas (charity)



Are you hungry? Well the ST.WILFRIDS REACHES OUT TO THE WORLD CAKE SALE is for you! Every Friday for 20p or if your lucky 10p only So prepare to open your wallet......I mean all the money goes to a good cause! We will be advertising and reminding you to bring your money to buy stuff! We will be selling food so if you are allergic to ANYTHING that we are selling please REPORT IMMEDIATELY to the sellers!



Yay! First week back and what a great week it has been with our new enterprise workshops and getting into the school spirit!



Another FANTASTIC week and I cannot keep track of the time!
In R.E we have been learning how to pray
In History we are learning about Romans
In Drama we have been based on History
In English we are learning how to make a non-chronological report
In Maths we are learning how to do long division
How fun!