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In June 2010 the school was awarded OUTSTANDING SCHOOL STATUS

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Below is a the letter from the Ofsted Lead Inspector describing their main findings from the inspection.

24 June 2010

Dear Pupils,

Inspection of St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 6EE

Thank you for being so welcoming and friendly when my colleagues and I inspected your school. Please thank your parents and carers for all their letters and for talking to us. We enjoyed watching and listening to you in your lessons, reading your work and talking to you. It was a pleasure to join you in the playground and listen to your enthusiastic comments about why you enjoy school as much as you do.

I like the way you take responsibility, as reflected in your work on the school council, and how well you are taught to take a pride in your surroundings. You all get on very well together ard work so productively when you pursue your own tasks. Your school helps you well in leaming to live healthily and eat a balarced diet. Your teachers are good at ensuring that you feel safe and that you know how to live safely. Your attendarce is good ard you obviously enjoy your time in school and are well prepared to progress to the next stage of your education.

Your school gives you an excellent education because it is exceedingly well led, teaching is outstanding, and the curriculum is made so interesting, in particular in the extra things you can do in clubs during and after school. The school has excellent partnerships with others that also help you. All of these things together help you to make excellent progress. To make things even better, I have asked your headteacher and teachers to ensure that you are given extra opportunities to learn more about global issues. I have also asked that all teachers use information and communication technology to help you learn rnore effectively. You can help by continuing to work hard.

Yours sincerely

Mr Bernard Jones

Lead inspector