Miss Booth
Miss Booth

In the Daisies class we are always learning new and exciting things! In reception, The teachers like us to have a go at everything and this is what we do.  We work hard,  try our best, have fun - we love coming to school.

This year, we have some great topics to learn about!
Autumn 1: All about me 
Autumn 2: Celebrations
Spring 1: Food
Spring 2: Animals
Summer 1: Fairy Tales 
Summer 2: Mini beasts
Autumn one 
This half term we are learning all about each other. We are getting used to our new class room and the routine of the day. We are learning about each other's likes and dislikes, families and friends. We will be talking about similarities and differences. We have started to go over the phase two sounds in our phonics lesson. We have been talking about the initial sound in words and will start to segment and blend the sounds in cvc words.


Autumn two 

This topic is all about celebrations. We will be learning about a variety of different festivals including bonfire night, Diwali, birthday parties and Christmas. We are going to make a birthday party role play area so if there is anything at home that we could bring in for this it would be great! ( such as old birthday cards, wrapping paper, photos etc). We are hoping to go on a special trip to see Santa. 
Spring one

We will be learning all about food in spring one. We will have a restaurant role play area where the children can take part in make believe play. The children will be able to role play making various meals that they can give to their friends who have come to visit the restaurant. We are hoping to go to a restaurant and hear about how the staff members prepare the food and the ingredients that they use. We hope to be able to taste some food at the restaurant.

In reception we focus on these key areas when we are working within the EYFS (Early Years foundation stage) curriculum -

- Communication and Language ( speaking, listening and understanding) we use the "Letters and Sounds" scheme. 
- Personal, social and emotional (making relationships, self confidence and managing behaviour
- Physical development (moving and handling, health and self care) 
- Literacy ( reading and writing)
- Maths (number and shape, space and measure) 
- Understanding the World 
-  Expressive arts and design 
 We work on all these areas throughout everything we do! 
How could you help at home? 
- read a story with your child and talk about the story together 
- play lots of games that involve taking turns 
- practice using scissors to cut out various things
- practice writing their name 
Reading books
Reading books will go home daily with your child in their book bag. Can you please look at your child's book with them on a daily basis and ask your child to discuss what they can see in the pictures. Thank you.
PE kit
Can you please put your child's pe kit on their peg. We will have pe on a Friday,  your will be encouraged to putting their pe kit on by themselves. In reception we encourage children to be independent and always have a go.
Spare clothes
Can you please provide some spare clothes for your child incase they need to be changed when they are at school. These can be kept in a bag on your child's peg. Thank you.

Teaching Support Staff