Year Five


Miss Cotterill
Miss Cotterill

‘Keep dreaming, keep dreaming, keep dreaming!’ (Kid President)


Religious Education:

 “Learning and growing as the people of God!”

RE is taught twice a week and is at the heart of the year five classroom. This year the children are being taught the year 5 unit of work and will study such topics as Creation, Miracles and Marriage.   


 English is taught every day and covers a range of genres over the year including: fiction, non-fiction and poetry. The English work is, where possible, linked with other areas of the National Curriculum. This year children will pay close attention to particular texts: Myths, Suspense & Mystery and Reports.


Guided Reading:

 Guided reading takes place every morning, 9 – 9.30 am and is delivered over 5 days. Children can fully engage with a text through individual activities based on their book, iPad/laptop interaction, conversation and guided sessions with an adult. This encourages, challenges and promotes a passion for reading. Children are also immersed in Literary Circle for 30 minutes on a Wednesday afternoon; this is a time to indulge themselves in a book, discuss their ideas and find a love of literature.



 Maths is taught every day and covers a range of mathematical concepts over the year including: shape, measure, fractions and calculations. An extensive knowledge of the times tables is required for many areas of maths and children will have weekly times table tests to monitor their progress.



Big Maths:

 Big maths takes place every Tuesday morning for one hour 30 minutes. Children are given opportunities to revisit their learning and enhance comprehension and skill surrounding particular aspects of Mathematics particular to their stage in Assertive Mathematics. Children are encouraged to work both independently and as a group, and activities include iPad interaction, method practice and guided sessions with adults.


Science is taught twice a week in year 5. Children will work on their previous scientific knowledge, deepening their questioning, experience and skill. Children will take part in regular scientific experiments and investigations, integral to enhancing their scientific thirst. Particular topics studied this year will be: Life Cycles of plants and animals, Earth and Space, Forces and Changes in Matter.



Computing is an integral part of the learning environment and is taught through a variety of curriculum subjects.  We have 20 school laptops which are always accessible to the children, as well as 4 iPads. Independent computing sessions take place every Tuesday afternoon during which children will learn new skills and broaden their computing knowledge.



History, Geography, Art and Design and Technology are taught through the topics, for example this year: Ancient Greeks, Coasts, Here there and Everywhere and the Mayan Society.





PE is a very important part of the curriculum and all children are expected to take part in lessons.  Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school at all times.  Children must not wear any form of jewellery or watches during PE lessons.  Long hair must be tied back to ensure your child’s safety.

The units of work covered in PE are: Dance, gymnastics, invasion games, games, athletics and swimming.



Please find time to read with your child every day and don’t forget to sign their diary!

Your child will receive homework each Friday.

Homework needs to be returned by the following Thursday!

Spellings – children need to learn their spellings each week. Children are given the chance to practice their spellings in context as a part of their homework. A test will be given on Friday mornings, as well as a times table test.

All homework to be completed and handed in on time.



Year Five ARE the best class – come in and see if you don’t believe us!


‘Keep dreaming, keep dreaming, keep dreaming.’

Teaching Support Staff

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