Year Five/Six


Mr Hodgson
Mr Hodgson


Religious Education:

“Learning and growing as the people of God”

Religious Education is at the core of St Wilfrid’s and year 5/6. This year we will be learning about a variety of topics including Miracles, Baptism and the work of the apostles, as well as attending a weekly mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.



Maths lessons are every day, and this year we will be delving deeper into a wide range of mathematical topics, such as place value, fractions and calculations. On Tuesdays there will also be Big Maths, where children will have the opportunity to revisit previous topics to practise skills and mental arithmetic.



English lessons occur daily and aim to give children experience of reading and creating pieces of writing in the widest range of texts possible, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. This year we will be creating our own myths and legends (linking closely with our Ancient Greece and Mayan topics) as well as building the skills needed to create mystery and suspense in our writing. We will also be studying and writing poetry every half term, including Free-verse poetry and Cinquains.

Every day begins with a 30 minute guided reading session in which children will read and analyse in groups work by a variety of authors such as Michael Morpurgo, David Walliams and David Grimstone.




Topic:‘Topic’ covers History, Geography, Art and Design & Technology. This year we will be learning about two ancient civilisations; the Ancient Greeks and the Mayans. We will be looking at how they lived, what they believed and attempting to recreate some of their artwork and structures. We will also be looking at the history of crime and punishment throughout the ages.

In Geography we will be looking at the physical and human geography of coasts, as well as studying a variety of world cultures and drawing comparisons with how we live in the UK.



Computing is an integral part of the curriculum and this year we have an exciting scheme of work the children will be tackling in which we will be learning a number of new skills, including programming, bug fixing and presenting. There are 20 laptops in school available at all times as well as 5 iPads in our classroom.



Children will receive homework each Friday, to be completed and returned by the following Thursday.

Homework must be returned and completed ON TIME!

Children will also be given spellings and timetables each Friday to learn for the following week in order to improve both grammar and mental arithmetic skills.



Please ensure your children have their PE kit in school at all times!

The units of work covered in PE are: Dance, gymnastics, invasion games, athletics and swimming.

We will also be linking in with our Ancient Greek topic and looking at modern Olympic events.




Teaching Support Staff

English Revision Websites:

Gapps Education - Each child in year six has their own personal log on where they can sit electronic SPAG paper in levels 3 to 6. The children receive instant feedback on their answers. Both the children and Mrs Wilkin can also monitor progress via this secure website.


Literacy Bootcamp- Fun web based games and activites are organised into topics so that the children can focus on specific area. There is one universal log in for this page. Children can also access the SPAG Bootcamp via the same log in.


Read Theory- Personalised reading comprehension practice. This website allows children to read passages and then answer questions and receive instant feedback. The level of the texts and question automatically adjusts to the reading ability of the child. Each child has their own personal log in for this website. Both the children and Mrs Wilkin can monitor progress via this secure website.

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