Year Three


Miss Hemmings
Miss Hemmings

Welcome to Year 3!

As a class we promote the Gospel Values and ask the children to treat others how they would like to be treated.

The children are asked to take responsibility for their actions and reflect on them.

In Year Three the children will be working on the new National Curriculum.  We will be working collaboratively and independently on a range of subjects including the core subjects Literacy, Mathematics, RE Computing and Science.

As well as the core subjects we also have activities in Art, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Music and Physical Education. These are linked to the topics being covered for each half term with each subject being delivered for an equal amount of time throughout the year.

Children in Year three will also receive guided reading lessons as large emphasis is put on developing basic skills of Reading and Understanding texts. In these sessions pupils will work in groups on a specific  aspect of reading. This may range from using inference and deduction to ask and answer questions.

Children are also required to read at home daily, this will be checked by the staff on a weekly basis and promote the use of questioning to check that the children have understood what they have read.

Lessons are briefly introduced to the class usually as a whole and then the children are given the option of choosing the appropriate Challenge, there will be a number of tasks with varied difficulty, which the children then complete either as a group or independently. Within the lesson an adult will be allocated to support the children on a particular challenge. The children are given a seat for the day which will change each term, so the children experience working in different groups. They are encouraged to work collaboratively at all times, using appropriate vocabulary and respecting the rights of others in the class.

The children will have homework to bring home each Monday and returned by the following Friday. Homework will consist of daily reading, times tables practise, 10 spellings and something to consolodate learning from the week. By the end of the year the children should know by heart their 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 10 times tables.

During the Autumn Term

During our first topic, “Stone Age to Iron Age” we will be looking at the history during these periods and their place on a timeline, between 15000BC and 50BC. We will be working to produce moving mammoths in Design Technology and develop skills to secure different materials together.

In Science we will be looking at animals including humans which includes diet and nutrition and the digestive system.

As a class we will be using the a range of technology in our classroom including iPads and Laptop computers in order to find, present and share information with others. The children will be choosing which equipment they will need to produce the most appropriate items for a given project.


These are some useful links that may help you at home to complete homework tasks.

Spring Term

During the spring term children in year 3 will be learning about Ancient Eygpt. This gives plenty of opportunity for Art and Design and Technology, which includes painting tomb wall paintings and creating sculptures.


Summer Term


This term pupils will be learning about countries of the world, giving children the opportunity to investigate and learn about the local area and the wider world around them.


The focus of the children’s P.E. this term is Games where we will be developing and improving our catching, throwing, teamwork and tactics skills. There will be many opportunities in our P.E. lessons to play team games where children will be able to develop leadership and team player skills more closely.


This term the children will be continuing the study of Rocks & Soils.

Furthermore, the children will be learning about a new topic, Light! For this topic, we will be investigating how light travels, what happens if it is obstructed and where light can be sourced.



The children will also be learning about how to programme in computing. We will be learning about how to create and debug algorithms to program actions and movements in different software. The children have already met Teacher Robot… which robot might be next?

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